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Data Bites

Data Bites

Data Bites is our monthly meetup that highlights interesting data projects in government.

Better use of data is key to more effective government. Across government, teams are doing fascinating work with data, on everything from policy to public services, to visualisation and ethics.

But that work often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. ‘Data’ means many different things across government and is fragmented across (and within) different organisations, professions, and functions. Those not working directly with data may not understand the benefits better information can bring.

Our Data Bites event series aims to change this, bringing together four quickfire presentations every month to highlight what's been done and what might be possible.

Presenters each have eight minutes to present – there are eight bits in a byte, hence eight minutes in a Data Bite – before taking questions for eight minutes.

The series aims to:

  • put interesting data projects on the record so we can all learn from them
  • bring together the different 'data' communities in and around government
  • show everyone – whether they work in data, policy or other disciplines – how better data can lead to better government.

If you would like to speak at Data Bites, please contact Gavin Freeguard, Associate:

If you would be interested in sponsoring Data Bites, please contact Pritesh Mistry, Partnerships Manager:

Data Bites

A summary of the first year of, and first eight, Data Bites events, drawing out some of the key themes from 32 presentations.

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Data Bites


Data Bites
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