Better use of data is key to more effective government. Across government, teams are doing fascinating work with data, on everything from policy to public services, from data sharing to visualisation, and from infrastructure to ethics.

But those projects often don’t get the attention they deserve. ‘Data’ means many different things across government and is fragmented across (and within) different organisations, professions, and functions. Those not working directly with data may not understand the benefits better information can bring.

Our Data Bites event series aims to change this. A monthly meet-up consisting of four quickfire presentations, Data Bites aims to:

  • showcase interesting government data projects
  • bring together those in and around government with in an interest in data
  • demonstrate how better data can lead to more effective government.

Each presenter has just eight minutes against the clock, followed by eight minutes of questions.

If you’re interested in presenting at an event, or know someone we should be asking to present, please email If you’re interested in funding a Data Bites event, please email

Project contacts

Programme Director, Head of Data and Transparency