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We offer bespoke, confidential and free workshops for individual ministers and wider ministerial teams.

How can a newly appointed minister hit the ground running, and make the most of their time in office? How can they make sure the government machine is working to deliver their priorities?

Most ministers do not have much time to think about these questions. The job immediately takes over and it is not easy to reflect on how they are doing it and how they could improve.

But there are practical steps ministers can take to help them deliver their priorities and work effectively with both their own and other departments. The IfG offers free, bespoke, confidential workshops for individual ministers and wider ministerial teams, tailored to the specific interests or priorities of attendees. In recent years, ministers from a wide variety of departments have benefited from such sessions, ranging in focus from working effectively with your private office or the wider civil service, to operating better as a ministerial team, and beyond. You can find out more about our work below or get in touch via

Getting things done in government

Key lessons from former ministers on how to be effective in government.

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Becoming a minister

What is it really like entering ministerial office? How does the first day/week/month unfold? Here you can read about the reality of the role and find out how to hit the ground running:

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