Working to make government more effective

Houses of Parliament over Westminster bridge


Our work examines the core institutions, processes and cross-cutting themes of UK government.

Civil service

We look at how the civil service works and ways to make it more effective.


We examine the role that ministers play in the UK government and how they can be most effective.

Parliament and the constitution

We look at how well the UK’s constitution underpins the effectiveness of government and how parliament can best hold ministers to account.

Public bodies

We look at public bodies, their role in government and how they can be made more effective.

Public finances

We analyse tax, spending and wider economic policy, looking at how it can most effectively be designed, implemented and where government falls short.


We look at how government uses regulation to achieve its objectives and how rules can most effectively be designed and implemented through regulators.


We looked at the impact of the pandemic on government and public services and analysed the government’s response.

Policy making

We look at how government makes policy and develop ways to do it more effectively.

Net zero

Our net zero project looks at how to embed net zero in government and policy making.


We examine the effectiveness of devolution across the UK and the relationships between national and devolved government.

Public services

We examine the performance of public services and make proposals about how they can improve.


We look at government procurement and how it can be improved.


We provided expert analysis during the UK’s exit from the EU and continue to monitor the consequences of Brexit for UK government.