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Data Bites #11: Getting things done with data in government

At the eleventh event in our series, we heard about data projects on infrant mortality, Covid-19 and on housing and planning.

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Better use of data is key to more effective government. Across government, teams are doing fascinating work with data. But those projects don’t get the attention they deserve.

At this event, the eleventh in our series, our speakers presented their data projects in an exciting, quickfire format. Each set of speakers had eight minutes, followed by eight minutes of questions from the audience.

In June, we heard from:

  • Sean O'Callaghan, Architect and Design Thinking Coach, SAP, on infant mortality in Indiana – data driven government in action.
  • Rachel Tsang, Head of Policy and Strategy, and Catriona Fraser, Policy and Strategy Lead, GOV.UK, on responding to C-19 and how this has accelerated GOV.UK's strategy to develop a more personalised offering for our user
  • Andy Helliwell, Executive Director, Government Shared Services, Cabinet Office, on shared services' critical role before, during and after COVID-19.
  • Natalie Record, Digital Housing and Planning Policy Lead at MHCLG, on how data can transform housing and planning.

This event was chaired by Gavin Freeguard, Programme Director and Head of Data and Transparency at the Institute for Government.

We would like to thank SAP for supporting this event.

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