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Public bodies

We look at public bodies, their role in government and how they can be made more effective.

Public bodies are publicly funded organisations providing a public or government service. Our research, events and commentary explore how the UK government can make effective use of these bodies. We look at how particular bodies (such as Great British Railways) are configured and how they perform. We analyse how government has worked through public bodies to deliver its objectives (for example during the pandemic) and how it could do so better.  

We also research the broader history of public body reform and the future role public bodies could play in the UK public sector. We work closely with the Association of Chief Executives and the Public Chairs’ Forum, which are hosted at the Institute’s offices. In addition, we lead the Institute’s work on public appointments. 

How can Ombuds schemes be reformed?

Sir Bernard Jenkin MP, Sandra Verkuyten OBE, Patrick Vernon OBE, Rosemary Agnew and Rob Behrens CBE joined us to discuss the next steps for Ombuds reform.

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Sir Bernard Jenkin MP, Sandra Verkuyten OBE, Patrick Vernon OBE, Dr Matthew Gill, Rosemary Agnew and Rob Behrens CBE on stage to discuss ombuds reform. Rob Behrens is standing behind a lectern.

Establishing new public bodies – what have we learnt?

Practitioners and experts from economic and trade bodies discuss the lessons from their experience of setting up new public bodies.

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Panellists at an IfG event on establishing new public bodies

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