Working to make government more effective

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Engaging with government

We help people outside government to engage with UK policy makers.

IfG Academy offers a range of workshops on engaging effectively with government. We cover how policy making in the UK really works, who to engage with and how to go about it. We provide workshops on UK government for public bodies, academic institutions, businesses, non-profit organisations, embassies and international delegations.

We offer sessions on the following topics:

  • the structures of UK government, including devolved administrations and elected mayors
  • the current political and governmental environment
  • the policy making process – in theory and practice
  • how evidence is used in policy making
  • routes to engagement – via parliament, the civil service, local and devolved government and intermediary organisations like think tanks and NGOs
  • raising your profile and communicating effectively with policy-making audiences.

We can also create sessions on many other aspects of UK government and policy making – for example, on Covid response, public services, or devolution.

As well as our own experts, we have excellent networks of speakers from UK government, academia, business and the non-profit sector.

We use learning and development specialists to create workshops that are interactive and encourage participants to apply what they have learned to their own work. Our facilitators are highly experienced in running workshops and creating an engaging learning environment.

To find out more about how we can help your organisation, visit the relevant section below. And for a pdf summary of our workshops on engaging with government, including sample agendas, download our course brochure.