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Jess Sargeant

Former Associate Director

Jess was an associate director and led the IfG and Bennett Institute Review of the UK constitution, which aims to assess the current state of the UK constitution and make recommendations for reform. She worked on Brexit, devolution, government in Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland protocol.  

Prior to joining the IfG, Jess worked as a researcher in the House of Lords Library, and as a research assistant at the Constitution Unit UCL where she researched referendums. 

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09 FEB 2024 Explainer

Irish reunification

What is a border poll? What would happen if Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland voted in favour of reunification?

01 FEB 2024 Explainer

Northern Ireland government formation

Northern Ireland has special power-sharing arrangements that require the largest political parties from both communities to be in government.

01 FEB 2024 Explainer

Northern Ireland assembly

The Northern Ireland assembly, often referred to as Stormont, is the devolved legislature of Northern Ireland.

15 AUG 2023 Interview

Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith talks about serving as constitution minister under three different PMs, her time in the Truss government, and ministerial maternity cover.

21 JUN 2023 Interview

Brandon Lewis

Sir Brandon Lewis discusses the benefit of local government experience, the challenges of the Home Office and his time as Northern Ireland secretary.

27 MAR 2023 Explainer

The Windsor Framework

On 27 February, the UK and EU announced a new ‘Windsor Framework’ to make changes to the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.