Dr Catherine Haddon

Senior Fellow

Catherine is the Institute’s resident historian. She joined the Institute in November 2008 from academia. She leads the Institute’s work on the history of Whitehall and reform and on managing changes of government. Catherine is an expert commentator on:

  • The history of government, reform units and Civil Service reform
  • Managing general elections and changes of government
  • Constitutional issues of Whitehall and executive government
  • The history of Number 10 and how Prime Ministers and Cabinet Secretaries operate
  • Reshuffles
  • Government archives and records
  • National security organisation and crisis management
  • Policy making in opposition

Catherine has also worked on our Transforming Whitehall Departments programme.

Previously Catherine was a lecturer on security and intelligence history, taught contemporary British history and worked as a historian and researcher contributing to various publications for the Cabinet War Rooms’ Churchill Museum and for media outlets. Catherine is also very interested in improving the way in which academics engage with policy and government.

Catherine has brought an historical angle to the Institute’s blog and our evidence for more effective government. She advises and gives evidence to parliamentary select committees. She has featured on radio, at party conferences, is an experienced panellist and is regularly cited in newspapers. She has written articles for various academic and non-academic journals, including Civil Service World and Total Politics.

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