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Parliamentary Monitor draws together data about the UK parliament to explore what parliament does and how effectively it does it.

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06 SEP 2021 Analysis paper

Parliamentary Monitor 2021

The government must drop its dismissive approach to scrutiny as parliament returns to in-person sittings.

18 MAY 2020 Analysis paper

Parliamentary Monitor 2020

Long-standing problems with how parliament works and how MPs perform their duties have yet to be addressed.

04 SEP 2019 Analysis paper

Parliamentary Monitor 2019: Snapshot

A ‘snapshot’ highlighting some of the most interesting aspects of Parliament’s work in the period before Parliament was unlawfully prorogued.

29 AUG 2018 Analysis paper

Parliamentary Monitor 2018

How Parliament has spent its time and taxpayers’ money in the year from the 2017 State Opening of Parliament.

09 AUG 2018 In-person event
9 August 2018

Launch of Parliamentary Monitor 2018

The launch of the first edition of Parliamentary Monitor, which uses data to explore what parliament has done in the year since the election.