Working to make government more effective

Tim Durrant

Programme Director

Tim is a programme director at the Institute, leading the ministers team. His work focuses on the role of ministers and how they can be most effective during their time in office. Tim also works as part of the IfG Academy team, delivering workshops and other development sessions for ministers, their private offices and other civil servants. He is also a CAPE fellow in 2022/23.  

Tim has a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. He began his career working on Middle Eastern issues at the Department for International Development before moving to HM Treasury, where he worked on energy and climate policy and Europe. Following the 2016 referendum he began working on Brexit policy, and in 2017 moved to the Institute to join the Brexit team.  

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26 FEB 2024 Insight paper

Rebuilding trust in public life

The next government should start the difficult process of showing the British public that the institutions on which we all rely can be trusted.

01 FEB 2024 Analysis paper

The benefits of transparency

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer should commit to a more transparent approach to government if they win the next general election.

16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 2

Recommendations for civil service reform covering the workforce, ministers, the centre of government, policy making, digital and AI, and resilience.

16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 1

Analysis of how the civil service continued to change in 2023 - including its size, structure, turnover and budgets.