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Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford

Devolution and the union

We assess the state of the union and advocate for improved cooperation and communication between the four nations and governments of the UK.

In recent years, there have been serious disagreements between the UK and devolved governments over Brexit, the constitution, economic policy and more, raising questions over the long-term survival of the UK. As part of its strategy for the union, meanwhile, the UK government has grown more willing to rewrite the rules of devolution – including by legislating and spending money on devolved policy functions.

We make the case for stronger intergovernmental cooperation and improved awareness of devolution within Whitehall. We also set out potential reforms of how Westminster legislates for the devolved nations and how devolution is funded.

Tony Blair

The former PM reflects on two decades of devolution and sets out what he believes must be done to heal the United Kingdom’s divisions.

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Tony Blair