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The 2021 elections: what happened and what happens next?

A special post-election expert discussion on what the May 2021 elections mean.

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Crucial elections take place across the UK on 6 May. The result in Scotland could have huge consequences for the UK's future. The election in Wales is the most unpredictable since devolution. And across England, voters will elect the mayors of London and other English cities, 39 police and crime commissioners and several thousand councillors. The impact on the national political debate could be significant.

To make sense of the results and analyse what they mean, the Institute for Government held a special post-election expert discussion.

What will the votes mean for the major parties? How will the result in Scotland affect the independence question? What comes next in the devolution debate? And what will the mayors of the big English cities do with their powers?

Joining us to answer these questions and more were:

  • Kieran Andrews, Scottish Political Editor at The Times
  • Professor Laura McAllister, Professor of Public Policy at the Wales Governance Centre, University of Cardiff
  • Professor Tony Travers, Professor in Practice in the Department of Government, London School of Economics
  • Jess Sargeant, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government

The event was chaired by Akash Paun, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government.

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