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General election 2024: What happens on day one for a new government?

What will day one in government mean for ministers, civil servants and advisers?

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This Friday will be day one in government for the winner of the general election. But there will be no chance for anyone to catch their breath after a gruelling campaign. The job begins at once.

So what should civil servants be braced to expect as ministers are appointed to their new roles? How can special advisers best prepare for that frenetic first 24 hours? And what actually awaits a prime minister as they step through that famous No10 door?

This IfG webinar goes behind the scenes of the first day in government after a general election – and reveals what civil servants, officials and ministers can expect to happen next.

Our expert panel were: 

  • Salma Shah, former Government special adviser (2014-2019)
  • Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow at the IfG
  • Alex Thomas, Programme Director at the IfG
  • Emma Norris, Deputy Director at the IfG (Chair)

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