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Preparing for Power – Episode 6: First days in government

Ed Balls, Jonathan Powell, Gus O'Donnell and Harriet Harman tell us what happens in the first days, weeks and months of a new government.

A general election is getting closer – and whoever forms the next government needs to be prepared. The campaign will dominate time and resources, but the job of being in government begins almost as soon as the votes have been counted. Preparing for Power, a special six-part series from the Institute for Government, takes you behind the scenes to find out how our politicians, their advisers and officials block out the noise of a general election campaign to get ready for what comes after.

Episode 6 explores the first days, weeks and months of a new government. We speak to those who've entered No.10 alongside the prime minister on day one, found themselves suddenly running a government department, or have welcomed a brand new political team into office as a senior civil servant, including: Ed Balls, Jonathan Powell, Gus O'Donnell, Harriet Harman, Polly Mackenzie and Nick Macpherson.

What actually happens on a prime minister’s first day? How can a new government make the most of the first months in office? And what’s it like for civil servants, adjusting to having a whole new team of politicians in charge?

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