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Keir Starmer on stage at the Scottish Labour conference in 2024.

What do we really know about Keir Starmer?

Tom Baldwin joins the Inside Briefing team to discuss what his new biography of the Labour leader tells us about the man who wants to be the next PM.

Tom Baldwin joins the Inside Briefing team on the day his long-awaited biography of Keir Starmer is published. So what does the book reveal about the man who wants to be the next prime minister? How did Starmer’s upbringing – and his complicated relationship with his father – shape the politician he became? Do the book’s revelations give us a sense of what will define the general election showdown between Starmer and Rishi Sunak? And can political biographies affect how people think about politicians – and will this one answer the questions ask about the Labour leader?

Plus: Lee Anderson is making headlines and political parties are accusing each other of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. So why is the use of divisive political language getting worse – and what can be done it about it?

Plus: Does it matter if Jeremy Hunt uses the budget to say he has met his fiscal rules? A new IfG report accuses politicians of gaming the rules with “worse than fiction” spending plans. Its author joins the podcast to explain the problem – and set out a solution.

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