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A busy NHS hospital ward.

Is there a better way to pay for the NHS?

The Expert Factor team examine one of the thorniest questions in politics of how to pay for our health care.

The NHS is front and centre of a general election campaign. Rishi Sunak has placed the NHS at the heart of the five pledges he wants to voters to judge him on, while Keir Starmer has made NHS reform one of the five missions which he says would drive a Labour government. 

But money is tight, and performance levels are poor. That familiar subject of how to reform the NHS is surfacing again – along with the tricky question of how to pay for our health service.

So how is the NHS funded? How much do we spend on the health service? How well is this money spent and why does the NHS never seem to stick to its budget? Are there better ways it could be funded? And are politicians being honest with the public about what the NHS can provide – and how it should be paid for?

On this week’s Expert Factor, the team examine one of the thorniest questions in politics – and a question that is sure to be asked repeatedly in the general election campaign.

THE EXPERT FACTOR is the podcast for people who haven’t had enough of experts. Each week the directors of three leading and respected think tanks – Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Hannah White of the Institute for Government, and Anand Menon of UK in a Changing Europe – get together to discuss, debate and explain the big questions and themes that will shape the election – and the political landscape for years to come. 

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