Lord Sainsbury of Turville

Chairman of the Board

David Sainsbury was Finance Director of J. Sainsbury plc from 1973-1990, Deputy Chairman from 1988-1992, and Chairman from 1992-1998.

He became Lord Sainsbury of Turville in October 1997 and was appointed Minister of Science and Innovation from July 1998 until November 2006.

He was a member of the Dockland Joint Committee from 1978-1981, a member of the Committee of Review of the Post Office (Carter Committee) from 1975-1977, a Trustee of the Social Democratic Party from 1982-1990, Chairman of the Governing Body of the London Business School from 1991-1998, and a member of the I.P.P.R. Commission on Public Policy and British Business from 1995-1997.