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Josh Harris

Senior Researcher

Josh joined the Institute in 2012 until September 2016. He was a senior researcher, focusing on the centre of government. He completed a year’s secondment to the Implementation Unit in the Cabinet Office, supporting the delivery of prime ministerial priorities. Josh is also a Junior Associate Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow of the Westminster Abbey Institute, and a founder of Young Policy Professionals. Prior to joining the Institute, Josh studied at the universities of Oxford and London, and was Parliamentary Researcher for Steve Webb MP, Minister of State for Pensions. 

All work

13 MAR 2015 Report

All in it together

Whitehall must improve how it works across departments to deliver promises, to do so this paper sets out what needs to happen.

04 NOV 2014 Report

The National Security Council

This paper looks at the evolution of the National Security Council and how national security has been previously addressed by the centre.

14 OCT 2014 Report

The Special Ones

This report draws on the experiences of those who have worked in special units to distil seven pieces of advice on how to make a special unit work.

04 JUL 2014 Report

Centre Forward

This report looks at how successive prime ministers have all had to grapple with the central machine to get a system that works best for them.