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Colm Britchfield

Research Assistant

Colm was a research assistant working on the Institute’s energy policy project. He joined IfG as an intern in October 2019, working on the outsourcing and public services team, and on a report on the state of data in children’s services, as well as on the Ministers Reflect project.

He graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in History in 2016, and has a Master’s degree in International and World History awarded jointly by Columbia University and the London School of Economics.

All work

03 DEC 2020 Report

Evidence in energy policy making

The government needs to change how it shapes energy policy – or risk hindering efforts to reach its 2050 net zero target.

23 JUL 2020 Report

Missing Numbers in Children’s Services

What data is available on children’s centres and youth services, and how government might overcome the barriers they face improving this data.

04 MAR 2020 Interview

Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb reflects on not being offered a ministerial role after the 2010 general election, coalition politics and mental health care reforms.

03 MAR 2020 Report

Carillion: two years on

The Johnson government risks another Carillion if it doesn’t get behind the reforms put forward after the firm’s liquidation.