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Keir Starmer’s plan for government: How will it work?

How does Labour intend to govern?

Starmer at No.10

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Keir Starmer used his first speech as prime minister to declare that the “work of change begins immediately”. But how will the Labour government approach the complex policy challenges that it has inherited? And how will it start making progress on new promises? 

From freeing up space in crowded prisons to turning around struggling public services, delivering clean energy and kickstarting economic growth, the government’s to-do list is daunting. Labour has promised to “change how Britain is governed” in order to deliver its aims in government – but how will this work in practice? What does Labour’s ‘mission-led’ approach mean for the way government operates? How will central government work with locally elected mayors? And what do Keir Starmer’s cabinet appointments – and the way he has structured his centre of government – tell us about how his plan for government will work?

This Institute for Government webinar will look at what Keir Starmer’s first week as prime minister tells us about how he intends to govern Britain.

To explore these questions and more, we were joined by an expert panel, including:

  • Emma Norris, Deputy Director of the Institute for Government
  • Joe Owen, Director of Impact at the Institute for Government
  • Jen Williams, Northern England correspondent at the Financial Times

The event was chaired by Hannah White, Director and CEO of the Institute for Government.

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