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Rishi Sunak announcing plans to weaken key net zero policies during a Downing Street press conference.

Rishi Sunak's seven deadly bins

Daily Telegraph political editor Ben Riley-Smith joins the team to discuss whether Rishi Sunak's emissions statement will win him votes.

Rishi Sunak has ripped up the UK's net zero plan – but did the prime minister's emissions statement make sense and will it win him votes?

Daily Telegraph political editor Ben Riley-Smith, the author of a new book on the last 13 years of Conservative government, is this week's podcast guest. 

Liz Truss returned to the political fray with a big speech at the IfG on Monday – with the former PM mounting a defence for her doomed mini-budget. Is anyone convinced?

PLUS: The tumultuous last eight years in British politics have stretched the UK constitution to – and sometimes beyond – breaking point. How can it be strengthened? The author of a new IfG report sets out a plan.

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