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A busy NHS hospital ward.

Striking images: What caused the NHS crisis and can it be fixed?

Is there any way to fix the NHS crisis? Rachel Sylvester and Rachel Wolf join on this special episode of Inside Briefing.

From unsolved pay disputes to record backlogs, abandoned social care reforms and now accusations of sexual harassment of female surgeons, finding a good news story about health and care services in the UK is nigh on impossible.

So just how bad is the crisis facing the NHS? Who, or what, can be blamed for the pile-up of problems? And is there any way that Rishi Sunak – or maybe Keir Starmer – can fix the crisis?

In this special episode of Inside Briefing, Nick Davies is joined by IfG senior fellow Jill Rutter, Rachel Sylvester, who chairs the Times' Health Commission, and Rachel Wolf, founding partner at Public First, co-author of the 2019 Conservative manifesto, and now also co-author of an upcoming report on NHS productivity in partnership with the Institute and the Health Foundation.

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