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Rishi Sunak holding a budget case


Before and after major fiscal events we look at the key issues facing the government and assess the choices it makes, drawing on expertise across IfG.

There are usually at least two major set-piece fiscal events each year in the UK – a budget, spring statement and sometimes a spending review – that provide an update on the economic outlook and the decisions the government has made about how much and what to tax, how much to spend and on what, and what level of borrowing and debt it is comfortable bearing.  

In the run-up to these events, we produce commentary, podcasts and other short analyses of the main issues facing the government. These draw on a wide range of Institute work and expertise. On the day of the announcement and in the days afterwards, we talk to the media, publish commentary, hold events and produce podcasts highlighting and debating the most noteworthy developments – decisions taken, opportunities taken and missed. 

Autumn statement 2023

On 22 November chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered an autumn statement. Read our analysis of what we learnt from the chancellor's announcement.

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt leaving Number 11 Downing Street. In his right hand he is carrying the autumn statement 2022.