As part of our better policy making theme we are looking at new approaches to policy making. In our report, Making Policy Better: Improving Whitehall's Core Business, we recommend:

1. more emphasis on policy design

2. opening out the policy process

3. use of new techniques to improve policy making.

Over the coming months, we will be putting on a series of events aimed at exploring new aspects of policy making, bringing together leading thinkers and policy makers at all levels.

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Co-producing public services: what, who, when and how? A discussion with Professor John Alford

How MINDSPACE techniques can help meet policy challenges - with Professor Robert Cialdini, Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University, Influence at Work

Cutting Edge Policy - Understanding System Stewardship - with Paul Ormerod, Director at Synthesis IPS

Cutting Edge Policy - Understanding System Stewardship - with Eric Beinhocker, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute

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