Working to make government more effective

Sophie is a researcher working in the Institute for Government’s policy making team. Her research specialises in why chronic policy problems persist, and lessons from past UK governments’ major policymaking success stories. 

She previously worked as an executive assistant at Resolution Foundation, a think tank specialising in improving living standards for low- to middle-income households. She has an MPhil in Geography, specialising in the impact of post-2010 budget cuts on UK prison services.

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16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 2

Recommendations for civil service reform covering the workforce, ministers, the centre of government, policy making, digital and AI, and resilience.

16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 1

Analysis of how the civil service continued to change in 2023 - including its size, structure, turnover and budgets.

18 SEP 2023 Report

Doing data justice

The justice sector needs a system-wide data strategy to address current deficiencies.