Press releases

11th March 2011
"Enemies of enterprise" and "liberating the hidden army of public service entrepreneurs" are phrases that may send a shudder through the civil service. The first of the Institute for Government's n
9th March 2011
4th March 2011
Current scrutiny arrangements over the appointment and dismissal of top public appointments put too much power in the hands of ministers, according to the independent think tank Institute for Gover
2nd March 2011
The Treasury estimates that Government IT costs approximately £16bn per year. Despite these vasts sums of money, government IT seems locked in a vicious circle of failure.
1st March 2011
The government has announced it is backing down on legislation in the Public Bodies Bill that would have given ministers wide-ranging powers to merge or abolish quangos.
21st February 2011
Today the Prime Minister set out his vision for public services.
11th February 2011
The Government has today published its Freedoms Bill. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the government wants to end what he called a "13-year assault on hard-won British freedoms".
9th February 2011
The Institute for Government has recommended further action to ensure new look Whitehall Boards can be as effective as possible in a report published today.
26th January 2011
The Institute for Government has given evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee's (PASC) inquiry into civil service reform and good governance.
24th January 2011
On Thursday 20 January, the House of Lords held a four-hour debate on the 'constitutional and parliamentary effect of coalition government'.