Press releases

30th April 2011
The Cabinet Office has today published its strategy for ICT in government, setting out its top level commitment to more effective use of ICT.
19th April 2011
Andrew Adonis discusses how Teach First could be extended to social work and the role for state boarding schools in helping children in care.
15th April 2011
The Institute for Government has published the results of its year-long research into better policy making.
14th April 2011
Numerous attempts to improve policy making under the last government fell short and left civil servants feeling frustrated, according to new research by the Institute for Government.
11th April 2011
Director of the Institute for Government Andrew Adonis and 12 other peers have written to the Prime Minister warning that the House of Lords is full.
29th March 2011
The Commons political and constitutional reform committee has published its views on the draft Cabinet manual, which was published in December 2010.
22nd March 2011
There have been a number of attempts over recent years for governments to boost economic growth - or act to prevent or mitigate recession.
16th March 2011
The Cabinet Office today responded to the Public Administration Committee report on the government's plans to reform arm's length bodies.
16th March 2011
Adopting a public bad, mutual okay, private good approach in government is a dangerous path said Andrew Adonis at the Public Sector Expo Conference today.
15th March 2011
At the Lunar Society annual speech, Andrew Adonis argued for radical change in Birmingham.