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Review of the UK constitution

Review of the UK Constitution

We are assessing the current functioning of the UK constitution with the aim of proposing practical, innovative and robust ideas for reform. 

We are collaborating with the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge to conduct research into the functioning of the UK’s core institutions, the different levels of government in the UK, and the relationship between the people and the state. 

Over the course of the review we will publish original research reports as well as guest papers written by external experts sharing their perspectives about the functioning of different aspects of the constitution, and will hold public events and private roundtables across the UK. Our activity is supported by an advisory panel made up of those with experience in different parts of the constitution in all parts of the UK. 

Review of the UK Constitution: final report

The UK constitution needs urgent reform to fix crisis of trust in UK politics.

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The Future of the UK Constitution

The IfG and Bennett Institute hosted a special one-day conference to reflect on the state of the UK constitution and discuss proposals for reform.

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