20 February 2019

How will current Commons rules will allow the Independent Group of MPs to operate? Dr Alice Lilly argues that whether it remains an informal grouping or becomes a new Party, it will still face big challenges in accessing political party privileges.

19 February 2019

The outsourcing of probation has failed. The Ministry of Justice must address fundamental problems or bring the services back in house, argues Tom Sasse.

15 February 2019

The Government has promised to share its assessment of readiness for a no deal Brexit with MPs. This is an important opportunity to investigate what such an outcome would really mean, says Tim Durrant.

15 February 2019

The increasing disconnect between events in Parliament and the world beyond Westminster is causing serious problems for business, writes Jill Rutter.

14 February 2019

The Seaborne Freight cancellation has captured headlines, but the problems with government contracting go much wider, argues Benoit Guerin.

12 February 2019

Both the EU and the UK want a strong defence and security partnership after Brexit. But this cannot be achieved under the terms currently set out in the Brexit deal, writes Georgina Wright.

11 February 2019

The Prime Minister has now replied to Jeremy Corbyn’s letter. Jill Rutter thinks it is surprisingly warm in tone – and honest about the negotiating challenge ahead – but notes that Corbyn is not the only audience.

08 February 2019

As the Article 50 clock runs down, Maddy Thimont Jack argues that legislative deadlines are more elastic than they look.

07 February 2019

While the media were focused on the fallout of Donald Tusk’s undiplomatic language, Jeremy Corbyn was penning a letter to the Prime Minister. That, argues Jill Rutter, was the more significant development yesterday.

05 February 2019

With the Brexit action due to return to Westminster next week, Joe Owen looks at what might happen next