27 March 2019

Marcus Shepheard argues that if the Ombudsman is to be truly effective it needs more power to investigate failings, not just adjudicate complaints.

25 March 2019

Labour is right to identify outsourcing failures but its new policy risks creating more problems than it addresses, argues Tom Sasse

25 March 2019

The completion of the European Commission’s no deal preparations highlight how much the UK will need the EU’s help if it Brexits without a deal, says Tim Durrant.

21 March 2019

The mantra that EU negotiations always go to the wire ignores the fact that the PM signed her Withdrawal Agreement in November. Even if (and that's a big if) a deal goes through, the UK now faces the prospect of a long transition, argues Jill Rutter.

21 March 2019

The Treasury’s new-found commitment to getting value for money from taxpayers’ money is welcome – but it needs to be permanent, writes Martin Wheatley.

20 March 2019

The EU27 are prepared to wait until 28 March to grant an extension to Article 50, but only if the UK passes the Brexit deal next week. If MPs are serious about avoiding a no deal, their only option may be a longer extension, argues Georgina Wright.

20 March 2019

Both the Government and backbenchers have suggested there might be a series of votes to test Parliament’s Brexit preference. The process is doomed to fail if MPs refuse to compromise, argues Joe Owen.

19 March 2019

The Government should not have been caught off guard by the Speaker's meaningful vote ruling – but the convention can be worked around, writes Dr Catherine Haddon.

18 March 2019

Another of the Government’s biggest contractors has gone into administration because it took on risky contracts it couldn’t deliver, writes Tom Sasse.

14 March 2019

Graham Atkins argues that the latest emergency funding for knife crime continues the Government’s crisis-cash-repeat approach to public services