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Boris Johnson at the podium at a Downing Street press conference in February 2021.

Party's over for Boris Johnson

Sam Freedman joins the podcast team to ask what the damning conclusions of the Privileges Committee report mean for Boris Johnson.

The Privileges Committee has delivered its verdict on Boris Johnson, with the former prime minister lashing out after the committee found he had lied to parliament. Sam Freedman joins the podcast team to ask what the damning conclusions – and a recommended 90-day suspension from parliament which Johnson has avoided by quitting as an MP – means for the former prime minister and the Conservative Party.

From an inquiry that is over to one that has just got going. The Covid inquiry has held its first public hearings – and some big-name witnesses are booked in for next week. 

Plus: Is the NHS in a death spiral? A new IfG report examines why more money and extra staff has failed to turn around declining performance levels in hospitals.

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