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Front row from left: Turkey's Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, North Macedonia's Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, Belgium's Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Xavier Bettel during a meeting of the North Atlantic Council in foreign ministers format at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Foreign Office politics

Former ambassador and No.10 adviser Tom Fletcher joins us to explore the UK’s global status and what David Cameron's return has meant for the FCDO.

Is the Foreign Office still a department built to deliver the UK’s global priorities in the 21st century or is it out of date in the way it looks and works? Is David Cameron’s comeback as foreign secretary turning out to be a surprise success and what has it meant for the UK’s diplomatic clout? And just how complicated is the civil job of servants when they are asked to work on controversial government foreign policy – particularly when it relates to military action or weapons sales.

Former ambassador and No.10 adviser Tom Fletcher, the co-author of new headline-making report into the future of UK international affairs, joins the podcast team to explore the UK’s status in the world, what it can achieve on the global stage, and what David Cameron's return to government has meant for the Foreign Office. 

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