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Former leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom at the despatch box.

Becoming a minister: Part 6 – Working with parliament

Former ministers share their advice on how to juggle their ministerial and parliamentary duties.

In the final episode of this six-part series, we talk about parliament. Because all ministers are also members of parliament, either in the House of Commons or the Lords, and they all have to juggle their ministerial and parliamentary responsibilities. 

So how do ministers find a balance between those demands, as well as finding time for their constituents in their busy diaries? How do they navigate parliamentary questions, select committee appearances and managing legislation? And how good is the civil service at supporting ministers in parliament? 

We hear why ministers must prioritise parliament, and being political; what their day-to-day life in parliament is like; and what the one thing you should never, ever do in parliament is… 

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