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Whitehall Monitor is our annual, data-driven assessment of the UK civil service – how it has changed and performed, and its priorities for the future.

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16 JAN 2020 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2020

Continued turnover of ministers and civil servants could disrupt the delivery of government projects and policies.

22 JAN 2018 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2018

The turnover of ministers is impeding the Government's progress on Brexit, major projects and the challenges for public services. 

25 JAN 2017 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2017

The Government is trying to do too much as it prepares for Brexit, according to our analysis.

15 DEC 2015 Comment

Otherwise engaged

The Civil Service People Survey and Engagement Index in 2015.

17 NOV 2015 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2015

Whitehall Monitor aims to chart government – literally. We analyse and visualise numbers from and about government.