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Devolution to England

We evaluate devolution to England’s cities and regions, and make the case for a more coherent approach to English subnational government.

Since 2015, powers over transport, skills, housing and more have been transferred from Whitehall to local leaders in many parts of England. The government is committed to continuing this process, extending devolution to all parts of England that want it. The Labour Party also promises further devolution should it return to power.

Our research assesses the success of English devolution, evaluates the impact of metro mayors and combined authorities, and identifies how devolution could be strengthened. We advocate for a more coherent set of powers for mayors and other local leaders as well as simpler funding arrangements. We also work to improve the capacity and effectiveness of devolved institutions.

The art of the devolution deal

Too little attention has been paid to how devolution deals are negotiated and implemented and how Whitehall should support them.

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Angel of the North

Net zero and devolution: The role of England’s mayors in the climate transition

The UK government’s current top-down approach to net zero has hamstrung locally elected mayors’ efforts to deliver net zero.

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Manchester tram stop exchange