Press releases

23rd March 2017
Responding to today’s National Audit Office (NAO) report on Capability in the Civil Service, Deputy Director of the Institute for Government Julian McCrae, said:
20th March 2017
Up to 15 new bills in addition to the Great Repeal Bill could be required to deliver Brexit, finds new research by the Institute for Government (IfG).
15th March 2017
Jill Rutter, Programme Director at IfG said:
14th March 2017
A new report lays bare the staggering amount of change in key government policies over the last five decades.
13th March 2017
The civil service will need to adapt over the two-year period of Article 50 negotiations and prepare for governing post-Brexit. 
2nd March 2017
As ministers grapple with the huge challenges of Brexit and the domestic policy agenda, a new report looks at how they can be effective in their jobs. 
28th February 2017
The UK faces a combination of failing public services and breached spending controls unless urgent action is taken, warns a new report.
23rd February 2017
The Institute for Government today publishes a paper outlining everything you need to know before the people of Northern Ireland go to the polls.
8th February 2017
Government is improving the way it manages outsourced public services but precarious reforms could still fail, according to new research by the Institute for Government.
26th January 2017
The Government is trying to do too much as it prepares for Brexit, according to new report from the Institute for Government.