Press releases

17th October 2017
The Government is spending over £10bn in five years just to keep troubled services – such as hospitals and prisons – going, according to a new report. Yet this extra money is not sorting out any of the underlying problems these services face.
5th October 2017
The UK Government must either back the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Court model or bring forward proposals for an inventive and untested new dispute resolution system for the withdrawal agreement, argues a new report.
19th September 2017
The Government’s use of cost benefit analysis must improve if crucial investments in the country’s infrastructure are to succeed, argues a new report.
11th September 2017
Introducing customs declarations after Brexit would affect up to 180,000 UK traders and could cost traders over £4 billion a year, according to a new study.
6th September 2017
The Government must accelerate ambitious reforms that will modernise the way government works, argues a new report by the Institute for Government
16th August 2017
A deal on customs is important to reducing post-Brexit trade friction, but a new paper from the Institute for Government argues that is only half the story.
5th July 2017
Canada, New Zealand and Australia top a brand-new index that ranks countries according to their civil service effectiveness.
26th June 2017
Parliament must urgently clarify the future of the UK’s legal system after Brexit, a new report argues.
21st June 2017
A new report argues the digitisation of government and public services is happening too slowly in the UK.