Press releases

16th September 2019
A new report for the Institute for Government has found that public spending is often wasteful, with the government failing to set out clear spending intentions and taking decisions without clear information.
13th September 2019
Labour’s policy of bringing public services back into government hands by default would be a mistake, argues a new report from the Institute for Government. 
11th August 2019
When MPs return to Parliament after the summer recess there will be less than two months until the UK is set to leave the EU.
18th July 2019
MPs with ambitions of being put in charge of a department must prepare, plan and set priorities now if they want to make an impact.  
15th July 2019
The UK tax system is in need of major structural reform if it is to meet the challenges of the future, says a new report by the Institute for Government.
12th June 2019
Conservative MPs who want to become Prime Minister must think beyond the immediate leadership contest and face the practical challenges of being head of government. 
31st May 2019
MPs and peers need to make sure that Parliament is ready to take on new functions and adapt old ways of working to be ready for a post-Brexit reality, says a new report by the Institute for Government.
4th May 2019
On the 20th anniversary of UK devolution, a new report by the Institute for Government says Brexit has put the relationship between the UK nations under serious pressure – but there are other big unresolved questions too.