Press releases

10th June 2018
Deep political divisions over Brexit are creating a culture of extraordinary secrecy in Whitehall, finds a new report from the Institute for Government.
4th June 2018
The UK Government must propose its own version of the Irish border “backstop” in order for Brexit negotiations to proceed, argues a new report.
24th May 2018
The creation of NHS England has failed to take the politics out of healthcare provision in England, argues a new report from the Institute for Government and The King’s Fund.
23rd May 2018
Gavin Freeguard, Programme Director and Head of Data and Transparency at the Institute for Government, responds to today's publication of the Government's Single Departmental Plans.
23rd April 2018
A new project by the Institute for Government aims to strengthen the lines of accountability between public sector workers, elected officials and the public they serve.
16th April 2018
Parliament’s ‘meaningful vote’ on the Brexit deal will be more than a yes-or-no choice, according to a new report.
9th April 2018
Brexit means all four governments of the UK – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Westminster – must go back to the drawing board to redefine their relationships, argues a new report. 
20th March 2018
While the 27 member states are likely to remain united in their approach to the Brexit negotiations, it is essential for the UK to understand the differences in their views. 
12th March 2018
The cost of leaving the EU will jump to at least £900 million in 2018/19 – but the full cost of Brexit will not be clear for some time, says a new report.
6th February 2018
The Government’s inability to make smart decisions on badly needed infrastructure means rail, road and energy improvements are being delivered late, over-budget and – in some cases – not at all, finds a new report.