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Fixing adult social care

Any attempts toward reforming the social care system have been overtaken by the coronavirus outbreak.

Successive governments have failed to address the problems facing social care. The Conservatives promised to begin cross-party talks to find a solution within the new government’s first 100 days, but any attempts toward reforming the system have been overtaken by the coronavirus outbreak – which has placed substantial additional pressure on the social care system.

This event brought together leading experts to discuss the following questions:

  • What is the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on social care?
  • Which long-term reforms of adult social care should the government prioritise?
  • To what extent will these prepare social care for future crises?
  • What impact will coronavirus have on efforts to build cross-party agreement on fixing social care?
  • Is the government’s approach likely to succeed?

Our panel included:

  • Sally Warren, Director of Policy, King’s Fund
  • Greg Allen, CEO, Future Care Capital
  • Nicholas Timmins, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government

The event was chaired by Nick Davies, Programme Director, Institute for Government.

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We would like to thank Future Care Capital for supporting this event.

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