Published: 10th October 2018
Government is quietly shifting costs of public services on to individuals.
Authors: Dr Emily Andrews , Graham Atkins, Lucy Campbell, Dr Gemma Tetlow , Dr Alice Lilly
Published: 21st June 2018
A parliamentary inquiry is likely to be the best way to secure long-term funding for health and social care.
Authors: Nick Davies, Lucy Campbell, Chris McNulty
The first five years of NHS England
The World’s Biggest Quango cover
Published: 24th May 2018
The creation of NHS England has failed to take the politics out of healthcare provision in England.
A data-driven analysis of the performance of government.
Performance tracker Autumn 17 cover
Published: 19th October 2017
Our analysis reveals the key decision points that the Chancellor faces in the run-up to his first Autumn Budget.   
Authors: Dr Emily Andrews , Dr Alice Lilly , Lucy Campbell, Julian McCrae, Richard Douglas, Julia Bijl
A data-driven analysis of the performance of government
Performace Tracker full cover
Published: 28th February 2017
Until recently the Government managed to maintain the quality of public services while controlling spending. But this approach has now run out of steam.
Authors: Nehal Davison, Dr Emily Andrews , Julian McCrae, Adam Boon, Richard Douglas
Supporting learning to integrate services and improve outcomes
Published: 2nd August 2016
Providing much-needed clarity on what would help people involved in integrating public services locally to share experiences and improve outcomes on the ground. 
Authors: Sophie Wilson, Nehal Davison, Dr Jo Casebourne
Insights on dealing with failure and turnaround from four critical areas of public service delivery
Published: 27th July 2016
Analysing the experiences of four different organisations that endured serious failures, but managed to successfully return to providing good services for citizens.
Authors: Chris Wajzer , Oliver Ilott, William Lord, Emma Norris
Published: 17th December 2015
This interactive timeline shows the key national attempts to join up public services at a local level from 1997 to 2015.
Authors: Sophie Wilson, Nehal Davison, Molly Clarke, Dr Jo Casebourne
Perennial challenges and insights on how to tackle them
Published: 4th November 2015
This early discussion paper synthesises the existing literature on the barriers to joining up public services around local, citizen needs and insights on how to tackle them.
Authors: Sophie Wilson, Nehal Davison, Molly Clarke, Dr Jo Casebourne
Published: 26th October 2015
Our research has highlighted a lack of practical information and support for those designing, managing and stewarding public service markets across central and local government. Our interactive diagnostic tool allow you to analyse a particular public service market in depth
Authors: Katie Thorpe