Whitehall Monitor

Whitehall Monitor is the Institute for Government’s data journalism project. We visualise and analyse data published by and about government to build up a picture (literally) of the size, shape and performance of government in the UK. The aim is to improve the way government uses and publishes data, and to provide a rich resource for analysis of how government is performing.

In 2017 the civil service has continued with the business of government with fewer staff and less money, and is preparing for the challenges of Brexit.

Download the 2017 report below, download the summary or read individual chapters (see the separate links on this page). You can also read our regular comment pieces and explore Whitehall Explained – our dataviz-driven guide.  

You can view previous Whitehall Monitor research in our Whitehall Monitor archive.

Whitehall Monitor 2017

Whitehall Monitor 2017 looks at the size, shape and performance of Whitehall as it prepares for Brexit.

Whitehall Monitor: Comment

The Whitehall Monitor team publishes comment pieces analysing government data as and when it is published.

Whitehall Explained

Your dataviz-driven guide to Whitehall from the Whitehall Monitor team.