Whitehall Monitor

Whitehall Monitor is the Institute for Government’s data journalism project. We visualise and analyse data published by and about government to build up a picture (literally) of the size, shape and performance of government in the UK.

We publish an annual report, regular blogposts and occasional special reports, and live-blogging government reshuffles has recently become a speciality (which we did over three full days in May 2015). We also publish the data underlying our research (which you can find via the links on the left hand side), and aim to improve the way government uses and publishes data.

  Whitehall Monitor 2015:  The Coalition in 163 charts

   Published in November 2015, Whitehall Monitor 2015 looks at how the size, shape and performance of Whitehall changed

   during the course of the Coalition

  Whitehall Monitor:  Blogposts

   The Whitehall Monitor team publishes blogposts analysing government data as and when it is published.

  Whitehall Monitor: Deep impact? How government departments

  measured their impact, 2010-15

   Published in April 2015, Deep impact? examines how government departments used – or didn’t use – data to track the

   effects of their policies and reforms under the Coalition.

  Whitehall Monitor 2014

   Published in November 2014, our second annual report looked at the size, shape and performance of Whitehall from 2010

   to 2014.

  Whitehall Monitor 2013

   Published in August 2013, our first annual report charted the resources available to government, what departments did with

   those resources, and how to measure the impact of what they did.