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Whitehall Monitor 2018: The General Election, Brexit and beyond

The turnover of ministers is impeding the Government's progress on Brexit, major projects and the challenges for public services. 

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Whitehall Monitor collects and analyses data to help those running government understand how it can be more effective, and to enable Parliament and the public to hold them to account for doing so.

The 2018 Whitehall Monitor annual report – our fifth – finds that:

  • The Prime Minister’s authority has been constrained by the political situation following the early election, and created challenges for the Government’s legislative programme and management of public services, major projects and Brexit.
  • The civil service is growing but should be more diverse.
  • Government is becoming less transparent, and is not using data as effectively as it should.

Explore the Whitehall Monitor, which features 94 charts drawing on over 500 datasets.

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