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Nick Jones

Research Assistant

Nick was a research assistant working on the Institute's Brexit programme. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 2019.

Prior to joining the Institute he worked in the charity and campaigns sectors.

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24 MAR 2021 Insight paper

The end of the Brexit transition period

The government should be open about the widespread disruption caused by the UK’s exit from the Brexit transition period and do more to help businesses

24 FEB 2021 Report

How to be an effective commissioner

Creating a new Migrants’ Commissioner was one of the key recommendations of Wendy Williams’ review of the Windrush scandal.

12 NOV 2020 Explainer

Trade: the UK landbridge

The UK landbridge refers to the route that connects the Republic of Ireland to the rest of the EU via mainland Britain’s road and ports network.

02 NOV 2020 Analysis paper

Preparing Brexit: how ready is the UK?

With just eight weeks and counting until the end of the transition period, the government still has a lot to do to get Brexit done.

09 SEP 2020 Explainer

What Brexit means for individuals

Different rules now apply for UK citizens travelling, working, living or studying in the EU, the EEA and Switzerland, and vice versa.

09 SEP 2020 Explainer

UK Internal Market Act

After the end of the transition period, the UK government and the devolved administrations will no longer be collectively bound by EU law.

09 OCT 2018 Explainer

No-deal Brexit: UK preparations

The UK’s no-deal readiness is about more than just government – it means public bodies, individuals, and above all businesses taking action to prepare