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Maelyne Coggins

Former Research Assistant

Maelyne was a research assistant, working on the Institute’s public finances team, having recently completed a MSc in Policy Research. Prior to joining the Institute, she worked as a Learning Resources Developer at Eastwood Park Training and in 2018 completed a BA in Modern and International History.  

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22 SEP 2023 Explainer

ULEZ and its expansion

What is London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and why has its expansion caused such controversy?

31 JAN 2023 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2023: Overview

This edition of Whitehall Monitor assesses the change, performance and priorities of the civil service.

14 DEC 2022 Insight paper

Subnational government in England

England’s usually messy patchwork of governing arrangements makes it an international outlier in its subnational government structures.