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Jordan Urban

Senior Researcher

Jordan is a senior researcher in the civil service and policy making team. He contributes to the Institute’s work on civil service effectiveness and reform, and better policy making. He is currently the lead researcher for the Commission on the Centre of Government. 

Jordan studied politics at university. He was co-founder of GovTracker, an initiative tracking the progress of the government’s manifesto pledges, and previously worked at Full Fact and in communications. He helped to build multiple civic technology tools at the 2019 General Election, including one giving students information on whether voting in their home or university constituency would have the most impact. He has been published in the academic journal Political Studies. 

All work

09 MAY 2024 Analysis paper

Who runs Whitehall?

A data-led examination of the permanent secretaries and directors general in Whitehall’s 19 main ministerial departments.

16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 2

Recommendations for civil service reform covering the workforce, ministers, the centre of government, policy making, digital and AI, and resilience.

16 JAN 2024 Report chapter

Whitehall Monitor 2024: Part 1

Analysis of how the civil service continued to change in 2023 - including its size, structure, turnover and budgets.