Joe Randall

Senior Researcher

Joe was a senior researcher at the Institute until October 2016. He joined as a researcher in 2013 and managed the Institute’s work on decentralisation in England. He also worked on Whitehall Monitor – the Institute's data journalism project. Joe was the Programme Manager for the Institute's Connecting Policy with Practice programme and also contributed to the organisation's work on the UK’s national devolution settlement after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum. 

Joe was a member of the first cohort of Oxford’s new Blavatnik School of Government. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in History and Politics at Oxford in 2011, and spent his time between these two stints in education working for the Baring Foundation – a charitable grant-maker.

Recent Publications

Post date: 15 December 2016
Post date: 28 January 2016
Post date: 17 November 2015