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Joe Marshall

Former senior researcher

Joe was a senior researcher in the Institute's Brexit team. He previously contributed to the Institute’s work on tax and parliament.

He joined the organisation in October 2018 from HM Treasury, where he worked on EU exit legislation as policy lead on the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill and the meaningful vote. 

Joe has an MA(Cantab) in Law from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Civil Law from the University of Oxford.

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24 MAY 2024 Explainer

Dissolution of parliament

Dissolution is the formal term for the end of a parliament. It occurs ahead of a general election for a new parliament.

23 MAY 2024 Explainer

Select committees

What are select committees? Who is eligible to sit on them? What happens to select committees when a general election is called?

27 MAR 2023 Explainer

The Windsor Framework

On 27 February, the UK and EU announced a new ‘Windsor Framework’ to make changes to the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

15 MAR 2022 Report

Agriculture after Brexit

The government risks its reforms being seen as a failure by some (if not all) of farmers, environmentalists, taxpayers and consumers.

02 SEP 2021 Explainer

Agriculture subsidies after Brexit

Having left the EU, the UK is now free to design its own agricultural policy to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).