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Jo-Anna Hagen Schuller

Former research assistant

Jo-Anna was a research assistant working on the Institute's ministers programme. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Philosophy and Politics and has since then worked for the Norwegian embassy in Morocco.

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30 MAR 2021 Explainer

Privy council

The privy council is formally a body of advisers to the King.

26 JAN 2021 Interview

Andrew Murrison

Andrew Murrison discusses the particularities of the Ministry of Defense and the Northern Ireland Office.

21 JAN 2021 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2021

Whitehall Monitor 2021 reveals the way the pandemic has changed how the government takes decisions, spends money and makes policy.

11 JAN 2021 Interview

Nick Hurd

Nick Hurd reflects on his experience working in five departments, for three prime ministers, over nearly a decade.

23 DEC 2020 Explainer

Official opposition

As the second largest party in the House of Commons, the Labour Party is the current official opposition.

21 OCT 2020 Explainer

Ministers’ private offices

Every government minister has a private office. This is a small team of civil servants dedicated to supporting ministerial duties and decisions.