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Jeremy Mills-Sheehy

Partnerships Officer

Jeremy was a partnerships officer. He was responsible for securing funding for projects by engaging with commercial, academic and foundation-based partners in the UK and internationally. Previously, he worked as a research assistant on the Institute’s Brexit programme. 

Jeremy has a Master of Public Policy with a major in political economy. Prior to joining the Institute, he worked in the higher education sector.  

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30 SEP 2021 Report

Government transparency

Government departments are failing to live up to transparency commitments made by successive PMs

02 SEP 2021 Explainer

Agriculture subsidies after Brexit

Having left the EU, the UK is now free to design its own agricultural policy to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

26 JUL 2021 Explainer

Northern Ireland protocol: Article 16

Article 16 is a safeguarding mechanism within the Ireland/Northern Ireland protocol, the arrangements agreed as part of the UK–EU Withdrawal Agreement