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Benoit Guerin

Senior Researcher

Benoit was a senior researcher at the Institute, working on law and order, accountability in government and specialist skills in the civil service. Prior to that, he worked on cross-government reviews at the National Audit Office. He has also advised governments as part of the performance evaluation team at RAND.

Benoit has worked in the French prime minister’s strategy unit and used to be an intern at the Institute. He holds a BA in Politics from Sciences Po Paris, and an MPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford.

All work

21 JAN 2021 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2021

Whitehall Monitor 2021 reveals the way the pandemic has changed how the government takes decisions, spends money and makes policy.

29 OCT 2020 Report

Performance Tracker 2020

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in backlogs across public services, including at record levels in the criminal courts. 

22 JUN 2020 Report

The criminal justice system

The UK criminal justice system is facing unprecedented court case backlogs and record prisoner numbers.

16 JAN 2020 Analysis paper

Whitehall Monitor 2020

Continued turnover of ministers and civil servants could disrupt the delivery of government projects and policies.