IfG in the news

15th August 2017
The IfG is quoted in the The Staggers column on a temporary customs union after Brexit.
11th August 2017
Civil Service World quotes the IfG's Alice Lilly on the gender pay gap in Whitehall
8th August 2017
The IfG warned in June that lack of clarity around the European Court of Justice could put judges at the heart of a political battle.
4th August 2017
IfG analysis of government FOI responses, and quote from Gavin Freeguard, both carried in the Times. 
3rd August 2017
Jill Rutter, IfG Brexit Programme Director, discusses the Government's plans to create a new body to tackle incidents of unfair trade when it leaves the European Union.
2nd August 2017
Politico says Whitehall has more power to shape Brexit policy following Theresa May's loss of personal authority after the election. References the IfG's analysis of Cabinet committees.
26th July 2017
Jill Rutter, IfG Programme Director, discusses some of the UK's frustrations with the European Court of Justice. 
25th July 2017
Coverage of the IfG's event on Brexit, dispute resolution and the European Court of Justice.
24th July 2017
Bronwen Maddox, IfG Director, says more progress in preparing for Brexit has been made behind the scenes at the highest levels of the civil service than is generally acknowledged.
21st July 2017
The Financial Times mentions analysis of civil service staff numbers by the IfG's Gavin Freeguard.
21st July 2017
The IfG's Jill Rutter discusses the Repeal Bill on the BBC's 'The Week in Parliament' 
20th July 2017
The IfG's Julian McCrae is quoted in this analysis by ABC News on Australia's proposed new national security 'super-ministry'.
17th July 2017
The IfG's Emma Norris features in this BBC Radio 4 show, which explores how government could get better at adapting when things go wrong.
17th July 2017
The IfG's Aron Cheung is quoted in the Daily Telegraph on the selection of chairs for parliamentary select committees. 
17th July 2017
The IfG's Jill Rutter discusses the next round of Brexit negotiations with the EU
17th July 2017
The Mirror argues for and against High Speed Rail 2. References the IfG's infrastructure paper on what is wrong with political decision-making on infrastructure.
13th July 2017
The IfG warns that with so many pieces of Brexit legislation to be considered, this could turn out to be a major drain on resources and should not crowd out other government policies.
12th July 2017
Politico article on how part of the Government's work on Brexit is being carried out by rhe Red Tape Initiative, founded by Oliver Letwin. Quotes Jill Rutter, IfG Brexit Programme Director.
11th July 2017
The IfG was cited in this report on the International Civil Service Effectiveness (InCiSE) Index.
11th July 2017
Canada has the world’s most effective civil service, according to the IfG and the Blavatnik School of Government's International Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE).
11th July 2017
Coverage of the IfG and IFS event on what next for tax and spend. 
10th July 2017
Coverage of the new International Civil Service Effectiveness (InCiSE) Index by the IfG and the Blavatnik School of Government. 
10th July 2017
Article on the challenge ahead of the Prime Minister in passing the Repeal Bill. References the IfG's Legislating Brexit report, which describes it as the "largest legislative task" facing Parliament.